April 14, 2013

Bentonite clay (Aztec Secret): a world of uses

Today's product is a very popular skincare ingredient. Bentonite clay is cheap, effective and very versatile. It also happens to make you look like a green monster, or as my dad described, camouflaged for the army.

What's great about it:
  • Bentonite clay is aged volcanic ash, also called Montmorillonite.
  • It is rich in minerals, including silica, iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge, which attracts the positively charged impurities out of your skin. It also removes excess hydrogen from cells, allowing fresh oxygen in.
  • It works on all skin types.
  • It comes as a powder, so it has a very long shelf life. That also gives you opportunity to customize it for your own skincare needs.
Suggested uses:
  • My favorite, and by far the most popular use of this clay is to create face masks. These easy and effective masks make your skin brighter, tighter, cleaner and softer.
  • You can mix this clay with just about anything. The classic way is to use raw apple cider vinegar, which creates the smoothest, easiest to work with consistency. 
  • But it's fun to get creative too! Among some of the things I've also mixed the clay with are diluted tea tree water, rosewater & glycerin, orange flower water, witch hazel and Save Your Skin.
  • I often add tea tree and lavender essential oil, but you could also use chamomile, neem, frankincense or neroli, to name a few. Skincare oils such as jojoba can also be mixed in.
  • Food items are another option to add in, such as oatmeal, honey, yogurt or lemon juice.
  • Bentonite clay works as a great hair mask to remove build up. Simply mix with water, apply all over your hair and scalp, wrap in saran wrap and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing out. My hair felt super soft and clean after this treatment. This can also be done in place of shampoo. I got this idea from Todra Payne, who talks about it in her e-book, Natural Care for Curls & Kinks.
  • Catie from Naturalla Beauty mixes it with her Face Food powder from The All Natural Face. 
  • It can be used as a baby powder. But it is a very poor dry shampoo!
  • It can be applied on the whole body for spa treatment, or added to bathwater.
  • Lastly, its a great spot treatment for pimples that need to be dried up.
Where to buy: Vitacost, iHerbAmazonMountain Rose Herbs, and many health food stores.

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  1. Thanks for the mention :) Clays are so multi-purpose, I can't imagine not having one around!

    1. You're welcome! I always am excited to see your new posts.

  2. I have never heard of clays before. They are so versatile. I do like the fact that they are powder, and like you said, have a long shelf life because of that. I've tried so many different types of face masks it's ridiculous! This looks like it can be a winner and a real value because of all the things it can be applied in.

    1. I think it's much more fun to mix your own masks! This kind is very popular and I'm sure you'd enjoy it. :)

  3. Agreed! bentonite clay rocks! I am going to try your recommended hair treatment, check out our products that contain the healing clay....www.hautcosmetics.ca Thank you for promoting good things!

  4. Agreed! Thank you for promoting good things! I want to try the hair treatment. Check out our products that contain clay...www.hautcosmetics.ca


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