Cleansing with Blissoma

Blissoma is one of my favorite skincare brands, and if you've ever tried any of their formulas, you know that they're special. I really enjoy the herbaly-yet-modern feel, and their products are so darn pure. They are also the most natural brand that I've come across that doesn't rely on simpler, water-free formulations. The textures and scents of the products are really beautiful and unique, and the price point is not inflated at all, despite the high quality ingredients.

March favorites

Happy April Fool's Day! I have no tricks for you here, just a couple truly great products that I've been particularly enjoying in the past month. Before for I go any further, I wanted to mention that this month I was featured on a couple blogs. Check out my holy grail picks on Sugarpuffish, my first-ever interview over on Bailey Blush, and a #FollowFriday feature on Ana Goes Green. Thanks so much to these lovely bloggers for picking me to take part in their series! In terms of favorites, I've remained very loyal to many of the makeup and skincare products in my January and February posts, so this month I only have a few more tweaks to my routine to talk about.

March empties

I know people always say this, but this month by went by so fast! I mainly finished products that I was almost done with in February. When I looked over the list of things I used up, I noticed I really liked all of them, which seems to not happen often. Almost everything here was either a repurchase, something that I have repurchased, or that I plan on repurchasing at some point.
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